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03.9901-6408.2 ATE Brzdová kapalina opakowania zbiorcze 24x0,25l - t Ean: 4006633227636

  • Kód výrobce: 03.9901-6408.2 , 706408 ,
  • Objednací kód: ATE 03990164082
  • Název: 03.9901-6408.2 ATE Brzdová kapalina opakowania zbiorcze 24x0,25l - t
  • Ean: 4006633227636 Země původu: DE
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Original ATE Brake Fluids ========================= Brake fluid changes: mandatory for optimum safety. Only the brake fluid joins the individual brake components together with their various tasks to form high-performance brake systems. The expansion of the brake system s functions with anti-lock braking systems (ABS), traction control (TC) and automatic stability management systems (ASMS) has led to high demands being placed on brake fluids. As one of the world s leading brake manufacturers, Continental Teves is therefore constantly working in its laboratories and testing departments on the improvement of its Original ATE Brake Fluids. Experience shows time and time again that just fulfilling the minimum requirements of the best-known brake fluid standards offers no guarantee for a reliable interaction with modern brake systems. That is why we recommend that the brake fluid be checked regularly (e. g. with the Original ATE BFCS Testing Unit that gives a precise result in seconds). In order to maintain the safe performance of the brake system, the old brake fluid must be changed in accordance with the intervals that are recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Because brake fluid is hygroscopic it inevitably absorbs water. Over time its boiling point will steadily decrease. Under high thermal pressure steam bubbles can form at low boiling points. Failure of the brake system is a distinct possibility. In order to remove abrasive wear and impurities as well as to increase the corrosion protection in the brake system, the brake fluid should be changed regularly. NEW: The Original ATE Brake Fluid cans in sizes of up to 1 litre have a newly developed cap system so that they can be better emptied of all their contents.
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Specifiace podle DOT: DOT 4